Q. My headrest is different from others, it has a large cushion blocking the front of the bars, and would I still be able to use it?
A. You can attach it to the middle or right headrest and point it diagonally towards your baby. Alternatively, as we designed our bracket to bend, it should be able to curve around the cushion. Hope this helps!

Q. I have a slightly larger headrest bar on my land rover, i’m worried that the clip wouldn’t fit. is there a limit on the headrest bar size?
A. After thorough research, most standard headrest bars come in 10mm, 12mm and 14mm poles. The bracket can accommodate up from 9.5mm to 18mm. 14mm is similar to an AA battery. Therefore you should not worry about the clip not fitting, as we have mentioned that it is universal. Thank you for your question!

Q. Why is this mirror different to other mirrors out there?
A. Our mirror uses a clamp on headrest bar mechanism, so it is less likely to vibrate and move then a strap or suction design.


Baby Car Mirror Qualities

• Extremely clear and pristine view
• Attachable to all headrests with bars
• Already assembled, 1 minute attach and lock on the majority of cars, no fiddly strap adjustments required
• Adjustable bracket in multiple areas – Mirror rotates on ball – Incredibly durable bracket
• Universal attachment to headrest bar – Easy plug and play installation
• Bracket clamps onto pole, rather than a board sitting on a soft cushion
• Detachable & easy to store in compartment draw